Stress Free, Fully Automated Investing

You don't need to be an expert to invest like a pro. Automate investing from start to finish. Boost your debit account with your investment gains as you spend.

Monthly Fee

Timing the Market is out. Fully automated investing is in.

Gravvy pairs your cash flow cycle with your investment cycle, using your existing financial behaviors to automate investing from beginning to end.

Connect & Setup Scheduled Investments

First, connect Gravvy to any of your bank accounts. Then, Gravvy will analyze your transaction history, set aside enough for your monthly expenses and automatically invest the rest for you.

Gravvy Starts Automatically Investing

Gravvy automatically invests according to your pre-determined investment schedule.

Investment Gains Supplement Your Cash

Gravvy automatically cashes out your investment and crypto gains to supplement your every day spending.

Automatic Cash Outs To Your Bank Account

Gravvy initiates an ACH transfer to fill the gap that a purchase has left in your account. This allows you to build wealth by keeping more of your own cash over time.

The Benefits of Gravvy

✓ Automated investing with no experience required
✓ Automated cash outs when your investments gains grow
✓ Automatic bank account deposits from your investment gains


Give Your Spending Account a Boost

Attach Gravvy to any bank account and boost your debit card's spending protentional. When Gravvy automatically cashes out your investments, that extra cash is applied to your bank account to help fill the gaps left by every day purchases.

Privacy & Protection

How does Gravvy protect your personal information?

Protected & Insured

Gravvy will not be a custodian of money or assets. Banking services are provided by a Member FDIC bank. 3rd party brokerage services are SIPC insured.

Private & Anonymous

Military-grade 256 bit encryption protects your data, especially your personal financial information. We also value your privacy. Your data will never be sold and is encrypted in a manner that we can’t review ourselves without your permission.


Gravvy ’s founders have extensive experience in cyber-security and built Gravvy from the ground up with bank-grade security protocols. Ripe is architected with multiple fail-safe mechanisms to ensure your assets are as safe as possible.

Quantum Ledger

All transactions and balances are stored using blockchain technology. With our quantum ledger system, data is securely stored and verified by a trusted third party. This prevents attackers from accessing or modifying your data.

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